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Naturopathy 101


Your body is smart enough to repair itself and return to a state of balance which many refer to as homeostasis. I prefer to use the term homeokinesis, as the body and its parts are in constant movement, and not just sitting there waiting for something to happen.  Yes, it is true that the body can identify, then repair, any damage that occurs within it.  All the repairmen are there, and they have all the tools to effect the repairs.  However, if the body has substandard material to make do with, then the repairs will also be substandard, because the best carpenter in the world can only make homes just so strong if they are only given cardboard to work with.

The material for the repairs come from your nutrition…what you feed the body.  If you put in junk, then that is the kind of repair you will get when the body is damaged.

In fact, there are 5 basic elements for good health, and these are needed to repair and maintain a healthy body.

And these are:

Wellness is what I stand for.  As a Naturopath, I seek to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit.  I will teach you the ways that will bring you health and vitality.  I will counsel you in the correct  forms of nutrition, and restore control of your health to you.  I am not a replacement for your medical doctor, but  will try to give you a plan for a medicine free life.  As natural beings, all of us should strive for healing  in a natural way.  The earth has provided for us.  Take and be healed.  I’ll show you the way.

Good nutrition…live foods; real, whole foods.  Foods with enzymes in them so they can be easily assimilated into our cells, because when you get right down to it, the cells are the ones who need the nourishment.

Water…plenty of fresh filtered or distilled water.  Drink half your body weight in ounces each day up to 100 ounces per day.
Oxygen…we do need air, but how many people mobilize their diaphragms on a daily basis?

Activity…exercise or play, it doesn’t matter, as long as we  move our muscles to massage our circulation and move those nutrients and water and oxygen throughout our system.

And last, but not least, …rest.  Rest and relaxation are the most neglected aspects of wellness.  Remember the little gland that sits in your brain?  The Pineal body?  It regulates your body’s rhythms.  Everything the body does, is done in cycles.  Sleep-wake cycle, digestion, menstrual cycles.  Since the advent of electricity, and the fact that we can light up the night and continue to work past the point of fatigue, man has been in trouble with this gland.  It wants us to shut down when the sun goes down, but we ignore the signals, and keep on truckin’.  We could benefit from regular meditation, and just plain old relaxation.  No one on their deathbeds ever said,”Gee, I should have worked more!”.

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Iridology is the study of changes …

Iridology is the study of changes in the iris of the eye which punctuate the strengths and weaknesses of an individual.


These clues are helpful in plotting a course through life by embellishing the strong points and buttressing the weaknesses through diet and lifestyle modifications.  The iris gives a strong indication of our constitution and provides the ability to deal with our life plans in 10 year increments.  The art of Iridology goes back to the times of the Macedonians and comes to us with modern refinements from Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Pesek, and many other contributors who have helped mold this into a very valuable tool for assessing wellness.

An iridology examination takes only a few moments, but the research and correlation of the findings may take weeks, before a finished report is generated.  This procedure is offered at the Natural Path.

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Further information can be obtained in Eat Yourself Well With The Reverse Food Pyramid on sale for $15.95 + $5.00 S+H (Priority Mail).  Contact : The Natural Path (757) 478-4455. VISA and MasterCard accepted.