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What is Naturopathy?



Naturopathy is a philosophy of managing health through the application of naturally occurring substances.

It is not the practice of medicine. 

What is a Naturopath?[1]

We may have talked about this before, but this needs to be re-stated for those new to natural health.  A Naturopath, also known as an holistic practitioner or alternative doctor, is one who does NOT practice medicine or surgery, or engage in other invasive techniques.  What, then, does a Naturopath do?

Naturopaths use alternative methods to evaluate your complaints and determine what is out of balance in your body.  Up to a point, naturopathic practitioners must have the same knowledge as medical doctors to understand how the body functions. We complete a course of studies on a doctoral level stressing anatomy, physiology, chemistry, nutrition, and the various methodologies designed to place things back in balance. Our education continues, through research and case study, lifelong after graduation.  We are knowledgeable about the root cause of our clients’ problems and address imbalances through dietary and/or lifestyle modification, employing natural substances and procedures that restore and promote health, rather than treating symptoms.  Our approach is always in harmony with the “energy” of our clients, never causing further harm.  When a Naturopath addresses physiology, it is done from a different perspective than a medical doctor.

Organs in the body are nourished by certain elements.  The kidneys would not function well in their role without sodium, because it regulates blood pressure, and is necessary for optimal health.  Sodium is essential for maintaining acid-base balance within the body.  Acting as a buffer, it reduces acidity keeping the blood in its most efficient state, which is slightly alkaline.

Since the human body is a complex organism, Naturopaths place their emphasis on the flow of energies within it, searching for causes of imbalance.  At The Natural Path, we use applied kinesiology[2] to help us find them.  Remember that the energy which runs the body is electronic in nature.  Electrons, supplied by our diet, must not interfere with the existing inner vibrational harmony.

Imagine a tuning fork humming away, happy in its vibrational frequency.  ALL the cells of the body, when in balance, perform in a like manner.  When they become imbalanced from things which affect the body (food, drinks, supplements, toxins, drugs, stress, trauma, lifestyle, the environment, etc.) the inner harmony of vibration is altered and, if contrary to our normal operating frequencies, a dissonance  (out of sync vibration) occurs in the cells.

If the tuning fork frequency becomes mutated, it won’t stay happy, affecting whatever it comes in contact with.  Because cells perform in much the same fashion, this dissonance can be imparted to them, as well.  This conveyed conflict is the basis for dis-ease.

Imbalances can be myriad as there are types of cells, tissues, organs and systems.   Fortunately, optimal balance can be restored by adopting beneficial lifestyle changes which do not disrupt the harmonious flow of energy throughout the cells, with the guidance of a naturopathic practitioner.

[1] Naturopathy is a system of health care that does not employ medicine or surgery, but restores health using what is available in nature.  A Naturopath is one who practices naturopathy.

[2] Applied Kinesiology is a system of muscle response testing in reference to acupressure points with regard to revealing strengths and weaknesses in an individual.

A naturopath seeks to find the underlying imbalance in the body, and correct it to restore health, naturally and without disruption of the body’s physiology.  The emphasis is on education.

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