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Diet and Wellness Counseling


Remember that you cannot look at one part of a person and see the whole picture.  As a client of The Natural Path, you are invited to take an active part in your health and wellness program.  Instrumental to this, is the keeping of food logs.

Your diet will be discussed with you in great detail.  Changes, if necessary, should be gradual .  Emphasis will be placed on proper nutrition and tailoring it to suit your own particular needs.

Balance is an essential factor in the physiological make-up of the human architecture.  Correction of imbalances will often result in a healing crisis.  That is, a renewal of symptoms with a re-experience of sickness and often the pains that accompany it.  This is explained in Herring’s Law of Cure.  It is a common phenomenon, and well accepted in the Naturopathic community as a sign that progress is being made.

At The Natural Path, our credentialed, experienced staff have offered counseling for just about every health situation you may imagine.  Our success rate in digestive disorders and nutritional imbalances is without equal.  Let us show you how easy it is to modify this facet of your life with the proper guidance.  Come see us today!

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