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Diet and Wellness Counseling


Remember that you cannot look at one part of a person and see the whole picture.  As a client of The Natural Path, you are invited to take an active part in your health and wellness program.  Instrumental to this, is the keeping of food logs.

Your diet will be discussed with you in great detail.  Changes, if necessary, should be gradual .  Emphasis will be placed on proper nutrition and tailoring it to suit your own particular needs.

Balance is an essential factor in the physiological make-up of the human architecture.  Correction of imbalances will often result in a healing crisis.  That is, a renewal of symptoms with a re-experience of sickness and often the pains that accompany it.  This is explained in Herring’s Law of Cure.  It is a common phenomenon, and well accepted in the Naturopathic community as a sign that progress is being made.

At The Natural Path, our credentialed, experienced staff have offered counseling for just about every health situation you may imagine.  Our success rate in digestive disorders and nutritional imbalances is without equal.  Let us show you how easy it is to modify this facet of your life with the proper guidance.  Come see us today!

Further information can be obtained in Eat Yourself Well With The Reverse Food Pyramid on sale for $15.95 + $5.00 S+H (Priority Mail).  Contact : The Natural Path (757) 478-4455. VISA and MasterCard accepted.

The Natural Path

Our Natural Path
If you have any of the following conditions, and are not satisfied with the progress (or lack of progress) of your current medical treatment, call us NOW at 757-478-4455!

•Adrenal weakness/fatigue
•Bone, Muscle, and skin issues
•Candida (candidiasis or yeast)
•Chronic fatigue/pain
•Cold or flu symptoms
•Diabetes (chronic or acute)
•Digestive issues
•Female/Male Health
•Fibromyalgia/myofascial pain
•Hypertension and/or heart problems
•Lyme Disease
•Menopausal symptoms
•Nutritional counseling
•Stress/anxiety/sleep issues
•Toxicity from work, diet, the environment and chelation problems
•General health maintenance and much more…
•We also test for the following:
•Food sensitivities
•Gut Health
•Salivary Hormones

Call now for an exclusive appointment at 757-478-4455. A deposit of $30.00 is required. We accept check, credit/debit card, money orders, and Paypal. This deposit is applied to your appointment. Failure to appear will result in forfeiture of your deposit. Take charge of your health, now! It’s the natural thing to do.

The Reverse Food Pyramid

This is our premier work on changing one’s dietary habits, and it works!  The first edition was printed in October of 2010, and had been made available exclusively to clients of The Natural Path as a part of their wellness experience.  Although the government has re-assigned the Food Pyramid to a food plate, the principle remains unchanged.

The American public still lingers under the assumption that we live in a country of abundace when it comes to food.  Yes, there is abundance.  Just gaze at the abundance of overflowing waistlines on most Americans.  Actually, many of us are starving to death with overfull stomachs.  The bottom line (excuse the pun) is that food quality is what is deficient…not food quantity.

You can exercise till you drop, but you will not achieve true health until the  body receives the proper raw materials with which it may repair, rejuvenate, and rebalance.  A sports car does not do well if it is designed to run on high test gasoline, and you fill the tank with diesel fuel (which, incidentally, can be made from french fry oil).

If you listened to what had been endorsed as good eating habits, we’d all be “poppin’ fresh!”  Fact is, that lobbyists,  not nutritionists, are bombarding the media and our Congress with misleading information and statistics, designed to keep us on the path of obesity and chronic medication.

Eat whole, natural foods, as unadulterated with pesticides and additives as you can get them (the label “organic” only means 10% less pesticide as non-organic counterparts.  Our book, The Reverse Food Pyramid, has a workbook incorporated in it that will keep you on track.  It is not a diet book.  It is a workbook and plan for healthy living designed to undo the harm that processed food, advertising, and poor nutrition has already wreaked upon your body.

Now, as of late 2017, a new edition will be released.  Keep watching for the release of our third edition, complete with much more nutrition updates and topics that apply to all of us.  The new cover is depicted here.  We will also have a downloadable edition for those who prefer a digital format.

New and Revised Third Edition!