The Paperwork

This is the necessary evil page. We have supplied our forms for your convenience, to fill out and bring with you to your first visit. In this manner, we may save appointment time so that more of that valuable time is spent assessing and evaluating you.

These forms are in PDF format, so that you may download these to your printer, and fill them out at your leisure. If you are unable to download these forms, please call 757-478-4455.

Checklist for Your Naturopathic Visit

□ History, consent, and information forms filled out (download info packet at link below)

□ Recent lab/procedure results (if available)

□ List all current prescription and over-the-counter medications

□ Bring all supplements currently taking

Things to Consider

□ Cash or check saves you processing fees (4% )

□ A $30.00 deposit is required which will be credited back at the appointment

□ There are money saving options.  We will be happy to discuss those with you at the time of your visit.

□ Food logs are always helpful and often necessary.

Click this link to:  Download the Client Information Package