Blue Iris of the Eye


Iridology is the study of changes …

Iridology is the study of changes in the iris of the eye which punctuate the strengths and weaknesses of an individual.


These clues are helpful in plotting a course through life by embellishing the strong points and buttressing the weaknesses through diet and lifestyle modifications.  The iris gives a strong indication of our constitution and provides the ability to deal with our life plans in 10 year increments.  The art of Iridology goes back to the times of the Macedonians and comes to us with modern refinements from Dr. Bernard Jensen and Dr. Pesek, and many other contributors who have helped mold this into a very valuable tool for assessing wellness.

An iridology examination takes only a few moments, but the research and correlation of the findings may take weeks, before a finished report is generated.  This procedure is offered at the Natural Path.

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