Here area few of the most frequently asked questions concerning our office:

1.   How much is a first visit?

A.    First visits, in fact, all visits, are comprehensive and are charged by the amount of time we spend with the client.

2.   What can I expect at the first visit?

               A.    Introductions, review paperwork, obtain and review your health, diet, and nutritional history, allergies, etc.  An evaluation is performed by checking certain vital signs, and conducting an applied kinesiology evaluation.   We may also employ Reflexology, Iridology, or homeopathic evaluation.  The data is collated and discussed with you, and a personalized plan is formulated to address your current concerns.

  3.   What is applied kinesiology?

               A.   Applied kinesiology is a system of evaluating strengths and weaknesses in an individual by muscle testing in conjunction with the examiner touching certain acupressure test points on the examinee.  It is painless, and can be done in the office without having to disrobe.

  4.   Do you do chelation therapy?

               A.   IV (intra-venous) chelation therapy is not practiced at   The Natural Path.  It is an invasive and somewhat risky procedure best practiced under close medical supervision.  If chelation is deemed a necessary element of addressing your health issues, a natural (oral) herbal preparation will be advised.  We also do not advise or practice hydrogen peroxide therapy or prolotherapy.  Oxygenation of tissues is best accomplished using established, NATURAL pathways; and scarring of tissues destroys or greatly inhibits their ability to heal.  Before engaging in such risky practices, please visit us or talk to a physician for advice.

     5.   What kinds of health issues are addressed at The Natural Path?

               A.   All health issues are addressed.  We offer our clients alternatives to conventional  treatment for their current health concerns.  Our focus is not to diagnose or “cure.”  Rather, we restore health,  establish wellness, re-balance energies, and support healthy lifestyles and nutrition.

6.   Can I come to you with chest pain?  Shortness of breath?  Dizziness?  Bad injuries?

               A.   You can, but I would suggest you come after you’ve been to the Emergency Room and seen by a physician.  Our focus, at The Natural Path, is to maintain your healthy balance; that is, to keep you from having those problems that lead one to the Emergency Room.  If you are sick with a cold, are tired all the time, have chronic issues that are not resolving, need nutritional support with chemotherapy or diabetes, want to lose weight, or just want to maintain your health, call us.

Further information can be obtained in Eat Yourself Well With The Reverse Food Pyramid on sale for $15.95 + $5.00 S+H (Priority Mail).  Contact : The Natural Path (757) 478-4455. VISA and MasterCard accepted.  Now, as of late 2017, a new edition will be released.  Keep watching for the release of our third edition, complete with much more nutrition updates and topics that apply to all of us.   We will also have a downloadable edition for those who prefer a digital format.


   7.   What is Iridology?

               A.   Iridology is the study of the iris (colored portion) of the eye, and how certain changes noted there may relate to your overall health.  It is useful to tailor one’s strengths and weaknesses as a guide to healthy living.

  8.   What is Reflexology?

               A.   Reflexology is another tool used by Naturopathic Doctors and practitioners to acertain weaknesses in the body.  By analyzing (through touch) reflex points on the hands and feet, a skilled Reflexologist can ascertain what deficiencies stand in the way of your wellness.

 9.   Do you do Accupuncture?

               A.   Accupuncture is not practiced at The Natural Path.  While we recognize its merits, we are traditional Naturopaths and do not feel that placing needles through the skin has any place in our approach to health management.

  10.   Do you take credit cards?

               A.   We are currently accepting Visa and Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  There is a convenience fee of 4.0% for all charges.

11.   How do I make and prepare for an appointment?

               A.   Call 757-478-4455  Monday through Saturday.  You will need to have a credit card handy, as a $30.00 reservation fee will be required at the time of scheduling.  This fee is applied to your visit.  If you do not keep your appointment, this fee is forfeited.  If you do not use a credit card, other arrangements will be made.  On our home page, there is a tab at the upper part of the screen labeled, “the paperwork”.  Please click on that choice, follow the directions for downloading and printing some informational forms which may be filled out prior to your appointment.  There is also, a checklist to help you prepare and advise you of what to expect.

12.   Do you do phone consultations?

               A.   We only conduct phone consultations with established clients.  At the time of your office visit, you will be supplied with a copy of our office policy concerning this, along with the fee schedule for conducting the phone consultation.

 13.   What is Homeopathy?

              A.  Homeopathy is a health care system that originated in the late 18th century in Germany and is based on 3 principles.  LIKE CURES LIKE:  This refers to the phenomenon that small doses of a substance will stimulate the body’s defenses to throw off similar problems.  MINIMUM DOSE:  Use only as needed in the smallest, effective dose.      INDIVIDUALIZED REMEDIES:  Homeopathic treatment is tailored to the individual by the practitioner.

The remedies are all derived from 100% natural sources and are diluted to a point where no harm can be attained by taking them.  They have been in use and accepted by mainstream medicine for over 200 years, and have never interacted with medicines or foods, or caused adverse reactions in those who use them.  These are safe for everyone, including certain pets.

14.  Do You Take Insurance?

A.  Not at this time, as we have no relationships with any insurors; however, if you have an HSA (Health Spending Account), you may file for re-imbursement through them.  Most HSA’s will cover the office visit or the supplements.

15.  Do You Sell Supplements?

A.  Yes, however, The Natural Path is NOT a retail store, and these items are ordered strictly for client conditions and convenience.  We offer ONLY pharmaceutical grade supplements, that are consistent in quality and purity.  This includes our own product, TSW#1, Super antioxidant powder.