Food for Thought


The covalently bound minerals and nutrients that the body needs are supplied, readily, by the fresh vegetables and fruit we consume.  Mother Nature starts the process for us by extracting nutrients from the earth, and converting the inorganic forms into organic forms that we need to sustain life.  For example, Sodium, a very necessary electrolyte, is always present in two forms.

In the organic form, it helps to buffer many of the acidic reactions that take place in the body, and helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.  As an inorganic salt, it is virtually impossible for the body to utilize, and becomes a molecule that hangs on to water and causes the blood pressure to rise.

This is also true of  another important mineral, Calcium.  The organic form has many useful functions in the body, and is used to help build bones, teeth, regulate the blood pressure.  But, in the inorganic form, it gets excreted or packed around the ribs, or plays havoc with the pH in your stomach.

“Mother Nature starts the process for us by extracting nutrients from the Earth, and converting the inorganic forms into the organic forms.”

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