Food for Growth


All humans are chemical factories, ablaze with furnaces within that process our food and extract the nutrients, which are, in turn, used to build new cells.  Groups of cells are organized into organs, and groups of organs are further organized into systems.
Chemicals in the forms of minerals, salts, proteins, fats, acids, buffers, catalysts, sugars and other carbohydrates, along with water, oxygen, and metals are pretty much what we are made of.

The bonds which connect the components listed in the previous paragraph are easily breakable, co-valent bonds.  It takes very little energy to pull elements off a molecule and re-arrange them to form new compounds.

The building blocks of these molecules are derived from the nutrients present in our food.  In the case of a child in the womb, the nutrients have already been extracted from the mother’s food, and are transmitted via the placenta.

These co-valently (shared electron) bonded nutrients are often referred to as the organic form of the mineral or metal.

Another form exists, and that is the inorganic form or the ionic bonded form of the mineral.  Organic forms are easily used by the body, while inorganic or ionically bound minerals are not, as it takes much more energy to break apart the exchanged electrons in this type of chemical bond.

The chemistry of Life is truly different from the chemistry of the test tube.  Visit the trained, experienced and credentialed staff of The Natural Path at our Virginia Beach location for the application of this knowledge to your own health issues.  We’re here to help.

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