The Natural Path at Work … A Testimonial

TNP-FrontThe Natural Path came to my rescue after I had been diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer.  Drs. Carl Fusco, NMD, and Diana Pengitore, ND, furnished natural products and instructions to help me in my fight for life. They explained that the products would help me regain my energy levels, stop my weight loss and help my body fight the cancer and eliminate unwanted toxins.

Following this regime, I felt my energy levels increasing after the third day. My appetite improved by the end of the first week and my overall physical condition was much better as was noticed by friends that visited after the first week beginning the protocol.

I am now into the fourth month of following the regime recommend by “The Natural Path” and can honestly say I am doing well and am extremely pleased with my progress. I know and feel that what was recommended is helping me in my battle with cancer, and would recommend to anyone, that may be dealing with any sort of health issue or who wishes to improve their over all health and well being, to try the natural approach.

-M.E., Virginia Beach (name withheld by request)

Editor’s Note:  This client is now 33 months into his treatment with The Natural Path, and is active and pain free. The PSA scores have continued to decline and he is showing no signs of advancing disease.

1-26-2016  STILL going strong! PSA scores are in the normal range, and cancer appears to be in remission.  STILL NO CHEMO OR RADIATION!