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The Natural Path is an alternative health care practice that employs traditional natural healing strategies with state-of-the art natural supplementation and non-invasive detoxification.  We care about you and how you feel.  Our goal is to maximize your health, sharpen your mind, and provide you with the means to attain inner peace.

Welcome to The Natural Path ...

 As naturopaths we seek to find the underlying imbalance in the body, and correct it to restore health naturally and without disruption of the body’s physiology.  Our emphasis is on education ...

What is  Naturopathy?

 Naturopathy is a philosophy of managing health through the application of naturally occurring substances.  A naturopathic doctor uses air, water, light, sound, color, electricity, scents, food and herbs, and exercise  coupled with massage. ...

TSW#1 is a SUPER supplement!

..."I have been using this product for years, and I wouldn't want to be without it"...Dr. Diana Pengitore, ND

Diet and Wellness Counseling.
Remember that you cannot look at one part of a person and see the whole picture.  As a client of The Natural Path, you are expected to take an active part in your health and wellness program ...

Nutritional Support for Cancer ... What a Concept!
Cancer is a serious diagnosis, but you must view it as an opportunity for change. The Natural Path is here to help with adjunctive, nutritional, and mineral support through consultation and proper supplementation ...
What is Iridology?
Iridology is the study changes in the iris of the eye which punctuate the strengths and weaknesses of an individual. These clues are helpful in plotting a course through life through diet and lifestyle modifications ...
Food for Growth
All humans are chemical factories, ablaze with furnaces within that process our food and extract the nutrients, which are, in turn, used to build new cells ...
Put Your Pet on The Natural Path
Man’s best friend?  How come we don’t treat him like it? If you don’t consider your pet’s health, you are missing the boat.  By investing in solid nutrition and health food choices, you will save more money in the long run ...
Eat Yourself Well with the Reverse Food Pyramid

This is our premier work on changing one’s dietary habits, and it works!  The first edition was printed in October of 2010, and had been made available exclusively to clients of The Natural Path as a part of their wellness experience. 
Myofascial Pain: Dr. Diana's Story

This is Dr. Diana Pengitore's first hand account of her bout with myofascial pain, and how she became a firm believer and practitioner of Naturopathy.
A Testimonial
The Natural Path came to my rescue after I had been diagnosed with stage IV prostate cancer.  Drs. Carl Fusco, NMD and Diana Pengitore, ND furnished natural products and instructions to help me in my fight for life ...






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What is Naturopathy?

The practice of Naturopathy is firmly established on three principles:

First documented by Hippocrates, and made part of the Hippocratic Oath, this statement should set the stage for all health care practitioners. A Naturopathy understands the way the body functions and heals, and its response to trauma, inflammation, and toxicity.

Every cell and organ in the human body has the ability to repair itself and fight disease. The Naturopath’s job is to maximize and help this process.

A Naturopath identifies the underlying cause of the problem, and addresses that cause rather than cover up or suppress the symptoms.